About us

The beauty we find in nature inspires us in everything we do

Kitcho founder Teiichi Yuki
(Photo by Masayoshi Yano)

Spring delights… Cherishing the blossoms and new growth

Summer evenings… Bright and vivid sensations

Autumn hues… Filled with seasonal color

Winter coziness… Warmth and contentment

About us

Founder Teiichi Yuki was the eldest son of a Kobe restaurant owner. With a vision of cooking inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, Teiichi opened the main Koraibashi Kitcho restaurant here in Osaka in 1949. He intended it as a place where guests could experience the ultimate in traditional Japanese fine dining.
After more than half a century of delighting guests with artistically created cuisine and authentic hospitality, we recently renovated the restaurant. Newly opened in July 2019, our new building retains the traditions of our original restaurant and adds a modern sensibility.
Koraibashi Kitcho carries on the heritage of founder Teiichi Yuki. We invite you to savor the finest in Japanese cuisine.